Truck transmission automation is an inevitable trend

Truck transmission automation is an inevitable trend in the market development. This is the consensus of experts and entrepreneurs in the automotive transmission industry.


Heavy truck with automatic transmission

Energy saving and comfort have obvious advantages

Automatic transmission trucks have unique advantages. Li Shengqi, secretary-general of the China Automotive Automatic Transmission Innovation Union, said in an interview with reporters: "The combination of a truck with a multi-speed, energy-saving and environmentally friendly automatic transmission can improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, reduce driver's labor intensity, improve driving safety and transport efficiency. Zhou Youguo, deputy general manager of Chongqing Tiema Transmission Co., Ltd. ("Tiema") added: "Automatic transmissions are equipped with trucks to simplify driver operation, improve ride comfort, and improve power performance. In the whole society, human cost control and environment Under the background of increasingly high degree of protection, automatic transmissions rely on smart technology to effectively solve the manual transmission's dependence on external manpower and environment, and it will promote the development of comfortable driving, energy saving and emission reduction for civilian trucks. Improvement and development of the transportation industry, automatic transmissions provide strong support for the development of large-tonnage, high-power, multi-axle trucks."

Automatic transmissions also eliminate the differences in driver fuel economy, power performance, emissions performance, and driveline reliability from different levels of the driver. “The automatic transmission is the basis of the hybrid vehicle system of the vehicle. The hybrid system must combine the entire vehicle's power system with the transmission system. Without the automatic transmission, the true organic integration of the two systems cannot be realized. There is no stable quality. It is difficult to develop hybrid products with automatic transmissions with superior performance.” Wang Shunli, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Fast Automotive Transmission Group Co., Ltd. (“Faster”) expressed optimism about the development prospects of domestic truck automatic transmissions.

Truck drive tends to diversify

“Intelligent automatic transmission with multi-block, small differential, and braking energy recovery is the development trend of truck automatic transmissions in developed countries and regions. US trucks are mainly equipped with multi-block hydraulic automatic transmission (AT), European trucks with electronically controlled mechanical automatic The transmission (AMT) coexists with the truck AT. The domestic truck is basically equipped with a multi-speed manual transmission (MT).” Li Shengqi introduced the gap between the domestic and international applications of truck automatic transmissions.

Zhou Youguo said: “The proportion of European and American civilian trucks, especially heavy trucks, is highly equipped with automatic transmissions. In this regard, China has just started. Currently, except for some special vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions, domestic civilian trucks are basically equipped with manual transmission."

Wang Shunli pointed out: "AMT has the advantages of simple structure, high efficiency, and high cost performance and is an important development direction of truck automatic transmission."

Wang Shunli introduced the rapid increase in the rate of AMT's rapid deployment in heavy-duty trucks in developed countries and regions: the United States has reached 20%, and Europe has exceeded 60%; AT, with its long development time and mature technology, is playing a key role in North American countries. The loading rates on trucks and light trucks reached 20% and 50% respectively; in Europe and North America, the AT loading rate of special vehicles reached 100%.

Wang Shunli drew on the historical experience of automatic transmission development in developed countries and regions, and compared with the reality of domestic economic development, improvement of people’s living standards, and enhanced environmental protection awareness, it is expected that the domestic truck transmission will be developed to automation. He said: "Truck AMT and truck AT will have broad market prospects. The application of Fast's automatic transmission products will promote the technical progress of domestic heavy-duty commercial vehicles, accelerate the development of domestic truck automatic transmission, and enhance the international competitiveness of domestic trucks."

Market needs to be nurtured

In recent years, Fast, Chongqing Iron Horse, China National Heavy Duty Truck Drive Research Institute and other units have followed suit and have made efforts to develop truck automatic transmissions and achieved gratifying results.

Fast began developing AMT in 2007. Wang Shunli said: "A large number of matching, calibration and testing, continuous improvement and upgrading, various conditions of more than 2 million kilometers of high temperature, alpine, plateau mountains and plains and other conditions test, logistics fleet long-term operation, and fully verified the Fast series AMT Each function and product reliability.At present, its various performances are excellent, and it meets the industrialization requirements.Fast series AMT has four advantages: safety, comfort, energy saving, and easy control.At present, Fast has a series of 10 AMT , 12-speed, 16-speed and other gear products are divided into three series of trucks, passenger cars and construction machinery, torque range from 1000N · m to 2400N · m."

Fast automatic hydraulic transmissions have reached design standards and are now ready for mass market launch.

Fast Truck AMT has been introduced to the market in small quantities. In the future, Fast will take the following measures in the industrialization of truck AMT: in the research and development stage, it will strengthen technical communication with engine companies, promote engine companies to improve engine performance in accordance with AMT technical requirements, and rely on a strong service network to carry out service stations in key regions. Early training, providing related equipment and accessories to ensure timely maintenance of vehicles; strengthening user training, allowing users to use trucks AMT, and even be able to handle some simple faults.

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