Knife gate valve related knowledge

Knife-type gate valve due to the use of knife gate, has a good shear effect, the most suitable slurry, powder, fiber and other difficult to control the fluid, are widely used in papermaking, petrochemical, mining, drainage, food and other industries. With a variety of valve seat to choose from, and

·Baidu is involved in the automotive industry to launc…

According to foreign media inautonews reports, Baidu recently said it will launch its own self-driving cars this year. Li Yanhong, CEO of Baidu, said at the CPPCC meeting this year that Baidu has jointly developed auto-driving cars with automakers, but Li Yanhong did not disclose the specific info

Yuchai Group and China Railway 20th Bureau Group Sign S…

Recently, Yuchai Group and China Railway 20th Bureau Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as China Railway 20th Bureau Group) have signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. The two sides will launch comprehensive cooperation in generator sets, engineering machinery, lo

The influence of temperature, humidity and illuminance …

The influence of temperature, humidity and illuminance on plants and their measuring instruments Temperature, humidity and light intensity all affect the growth, development and results of this plant to a certain extent. Therefore, this article focuses on the role of these three factors

Summarize ways to prevent car spills

In the use of the vehicle, oil leakage faults often occur, which will directly affect the technical performance of the vehicle, resulting in the waste of lubricating oil and fuel, power consumption, affecting the cleanliness of the vehicle, and causing environmental pollution. Due to the leakage o

·Wu Yingzi, Vice Mayor of Wuhan: Never make a "mi…

“Which Wuhan will suddenly adopt the automobile purchase restriction measures like some cities?” On March 7, at the Hubei delegation, Liu Yingzi, deputy mayor of Wuhan, clearly stated in an interview that Wuhan would not be in the car purchase limit. On the "sudden attack", th

"One Belt and One Road" Strategy: Helping Wei…

Recently, with the convening of the two National Conferences, the “One Belt, One Road” related policy has once again become a hot topic, and has been hailed as a new bright spot for China’s opening up and cooperation, and has become a strategic opportunity for corporate tr

Fast 8 mainstream products unveiled at Beijing Bus Show

From May 11th to 13th, 2015, the annual bus event was held in the National Convention Center in Beijing. “The 2015 Beijing International Road Transport, City Bus and Spare Parts Fair” takes “new energy, opportunities for the development of passenger cars and "Challenge

Truck transmission automation is an inevitable trend

Truck transmission automation is an inevitable trend in the market development. This is the consensus of experts and entrepreneurs in the automotive transmission industry.   Heavy truck with automatic transmission Energy saving and comfort have obvious advantages Automatic transmission t