The hoisting of the 1600-ton gantry crane in Jiangnan S…

On November 24, 2015, the main beam of the 1600-ton Longmen crane of Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Changxing Shipbuilding Base was in place, marking the completion of the overall hoisting of the gantry crane. The completion of the node was completed on March 18, 2016. solid foundation. It is repor

Pest remote real-time monitoring system "monitors&…

The occurrence of insect pests is a group activity. Individual insect pests do not pose a great threat to crops. However, many pests have strong reproductive capacity, and sporadic pests may eventually evolve into mass events. Therefore, in the prevention and control of agricultural pest

Rescue treatment of mine water inrush accident

In the event of a water inrush accident in the mine, the personnel at the accident site shall report to the dispatching room in time according to the provisions of the Mine Disaster Prevention and Treatment Plan, and notify and organize the personnel affected by the disaster to evacuate the disaster

Research on Mine Anti-dust Control Technology

Article 738 "coal mine safety," states: "Coal mining enterprises must strengthen the prevention and management of occupational hazards, occupational health and labor protection to do the work of the workplace, to take effective measures to control dust, toxic hazards -." There a

Mine engineering safety knowledge

Mine engineering safety knowledge a) Minefield development 1. The coal field is divided into Ida The coal-bearing rock series with continuous development formed in the same geological development process, whose distribution is regularly ruled and basically connected into one piece, is called coal

How many degrees of electricity does the 2018 battery c…

After the battery of the electric vehicle is used for a period of time, the battery capacity will decrease. So, how can we make the battery of the electric car use a little longer? Let’s take a look at the small series to introduce how much electricity is needed to charge the battery car on

How to repair the different components of the trolley

The trolley wires are mainly divided into single-pole aluminum trolley wire, single-pole copper trolley wire, steel body trolley wire, multi-pole tube type trolley wire, seamless wire, copper contact wire and other commonly used trolley wires. . Unipolar trolley line, multi-pole type trolley line,

Electronic skin allows you to operate objects

The newly developed electronic skin allows the wearer to operate virtual objects without touching them, such as typing on a keyboard, or adjusting the dimmer by moving the wrist. Standard VR devices need to be able to see an object to track motio

What are the contraindications for the jaw crusher?

In daily production, incorrect operation can cause a variety of problems, resulting in component wear and increased production costs. As a general-purpose first-class crushing equipment, what are the operational taboos of the jaw crusher ? Follow the small series to find out! 1 operation contraind