China's Heavy Truck Market Once Again Sales of Hong…

In the first quarter of this year, as the nation’s heavy-duty truck market was once again selling well, the Hongyan series of heavy-duty vehicles produced by SAIC Iveco Hongyan also showed a good situation of both production and sales. In particular, its traditional superior product, the Ho

If a better maintenance of the vacuum pump

Vacuum pumps are widely used in conveying water, wet sludge and flocculant chemicals in sewage treatment plants because of their variable capacity to transport, self-priming capacity, reversible capacity and the ability to transport liquids containing solid particles. The quality of vacuum pump pr

Weifu Hi-Tech: First recommendation rating given by lea…

Weifu Hi-Tech: Broad prospects for automotive core components Wuxi Weifu Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of fuel injection systems for Chinese auto engines. While doing a good job in domestic facilities, it also exports to the Americas, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Pro

Heavy truck power is a trend

At the just-concluded Beijing International Auto Show, heavy-duty trucks with a capacity of more than 300PS are everywhere, and even more, they reach 460PS. This seems to indicate that the highest power of our heavy truck products will continue to increase. Compared with exhibits, what is the curr

Shaanxi Steam Natural Gas Heavy Truck: Energy Saving Le…

During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the state advocated energy-saving and emission reduction, focusing on the development of energy-saving and environment-friendly vehicles. Low-cost, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly natural gas heavy trucks have become an inevitable

Transit sales exceeded 6 million

The 6 million sales ceremony of the commercial vehicle brand Transit Series was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. In December 1997, Ford teamed up with Jiangling Motors and Transit entered the Chinese market with the image of a European high-end commercial vehicle. Jiangling Transit became the f

The 11th Beijing Auto Show 89 car world premiere

On April 23, 2010, the 11th Beijing International Automobile Exhibition will be held at the China International Exhibition Center. It is understood that April 23 and 24 are news media visit days. April 25th and 26th are professional visit days. From April 27th, the auto show is open to the public.

Guangxi Yuchai Successfully Operated a New Generation o…

At 3:00 pm on December 28th, Guangxi Yuchai held a press conference on "low-carbon, energy-saving and efficient engine loading test run". Yuchai's two-stage supercharged diesel engine (YC6J350-40) was successfully built on a Yutong bus. The operation indicates that Yuchai became the

Weichai Power Industry Chain Leader Benefits the Prospe…

Weichai Power's sales performance of downstream customers is strong. It is expected that the Company's business climate in the first quarter will continue to increase, exceeding market expectations. The company's main supporting customers, strategic partners Foton Motors and Shaa

Summer battery electrolyte level inspection skills

The battery electrolyte should be 10-15 mm above the plate. If the liquid level is too low, the plate will be damaged early. For inspection, a transparent glass tube or plastic tube with an inner diameter of 3-5 mm can be used to vertically extend from the liquid supply hole to the battery plate, an