·Wu Yingzi, Vice Mayor of Wuhan: Never make a "mid-night chicken call" limit

“Which Wuhan will suddenly adopt the automobile purchase restriction measures like some cities?” On March 7, at the Hubei delegation, Liu Yingzi, deputy mayor of Wuhan, clearly stated in an interview that Wuhan would not be in the car purchase limit. On the "sudden attack", the public will be consulted in advance according to relevant procedures.
Some time ago, there have been rumors that Wuhan will take measures to restrict purchases of cars after Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities. In this regard, Liu Yingzi said that the current car ownership in Wuhan has not yet reached the limit of purchase limit, and the automobile industry is the leading industry in Wuhan, and will not rush to take measures to limit purchases.
She stressed that even if the car is restricted, there will be a process of argumentation research and solicitation of opinions. "Let the people know that they are widely seeking public opinion." She said that the car purchase restriction is closely related to the people, and it will certainly be prudently and rigorously proposed. It will not temporarily release the purchase restriction.
It is reported that since the first implementation of automobile purchase restriction in Shanghai in 1994, there have been seven cities in the country that have imposed automobile purchase restrictions. Among them, Tianjin, Hangzhou and Shenzhen have suddenly announced the purchase restriction without any warning. The relevant departments of Wuhan have repeatedly stated that they will not implement this policy.

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