The influence of temperature, humidity and illuminance on plants and their measuring instruments

The influence of temperature, humidity and illuminance on plants and their measuring instruments

Temperature, humidity and light intensity all affect the growth, development and results of this plant to a certain extent. Therefore, this article focuses on the role of these three factors in plants, and how to determine the effect of these three factors on plant growth.

The effect of temperature: The effect of temperature on growth is comprehensive and affects the process of plant growth. Temperature can affect photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration. It can also affect the synthesis and transportation of organic matter. It can also directly affect soil temperature and atmospheric temperature to affect crop growth. There are three basic points in the ambient temperature for crop growth, namely, the lowest, highest and most suitable temperature. Crops can only grow normally between maximum and minimum temperatures. However, the base point of each crop is different, and there are obvious differences between tropical, subtropical and temperate crops. Optimum greenhouse means that the crop grows fastest at this temperature. In addition, the same crop, its three basic points are also different in different stages of growth, such as most annual plants, from the initial stage of growth from flowering to fruiting in these three stages, the optimum growth temperature is gradually rising, this requirement is exactly the same The temperature changes from spring to early autumn. The temperature can be measured by the temperature and humidity recorder. This temperature and humidity self-recording instrument not only can measure the temperature change, but also can measure the change of the soil moisture at the same time.

The effect of humidity: Humidity is divided into absolute humidity and relative humidity. The factors that generally affect absolute humidity are precipitation, the presence of water bodies, soil moisture levels, and evaporation conditions, as well as temperatures. Absolute humidity in a year is higher during the rainy season than during the dry season. The change of absolute humidity in the day is the largest in the coastal areas and the fall and winter seasons, the smallest in the early morning and the single-peak changes in the morning; in other areas, it is mostly bimodal, with the two high points appearing at 9 to 10 o'clock respectively. Before and after, two low points appeared before and after sunrise. Relative humidity is determined by absolute humidity on the one hand and air temperature on the other. Relative humidity or saturation of air is one of the important factors affecting water absorption and transpiration of plants. When the transpiration of plants is strong, it shows that the plants grow well. The relative humidity level can restrict the cracking, pollen scattering, and germination of some plants' anthers, thus affecting the fertilization of plants, and therefore has a profound effect on the yield of plants.

Illumination effects on positive plants differ from those on negative plants. Negative plants have a low demand for illuminance and generally grow better in the absence of sunlight, whereas positive plants grow better under strong light. In the process of plant growth, the demand for sunlight is also different. For example, in the flowering and solid stage, the demand for sunlight is relatively strong. In the seedling stage, because the leaves are not fully grown, the demand for light is not high. The temperature illuminance monitor can measure the illuminance in time. The illuminance is measured by Lux.

In addition, in the photosynthesis, there are also such as water, nutrients, carbon dioxide, etc., will also affect the growth of the crop. Carbon dioxide detectors are also commonly used in agricultural environmental monitoring. In short, there are many factors that affect the growth of plants. We need to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of them, and we cannot make one-sided conclusions.

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