Waterproof Protect Feature and Permanent Magnet Construction Linear Actuator

  • Model NO.: FY011+FYK011+FYH016
  • Usage: Cabinet, Chair, Table, Bed, Sofa
  • Application: Furniture Mechanism, Medical Bed
  • Speed: Variable
  • Load Capacity: Max 6000n
  • Limit Switches: Inner
  • Trademark: JDR
  • Specification: CE / Rohs
  • HS Code: 94019090
  • Certification: RoHS, CE
  • Stroke: 0 - 1000mm
  • Color: Black or Sivery White
  • Shape: "L" Size
  • Input Voltage: 12VDC or 24VDC
  • Protection Class: IP43
  • Transport Package: Carton Box
  • Origin: China
FY011 Mini Linear Actuator
1) Low noise linear actuator
2) Up to 6000N load
3) Strokes are on the request
4) Widely used in recliner sofa and chair and medical bed

Specifications of FY011 Linear Actuator

FY011 Linear Actuator specifications:

1) 12v or 24v DC motor
2) Thrust up to 6000N in push, and up to 4000 N in pull
3) Elegant and compact design with small instanllation dimensions
4) Built-in limit switches ( not adjustable after leaving factory )
5) Aluminium or zinc outer tube / inner tube
6) Steel back fixture
7) Standard protection class
8) Noise level < 50 db
9) Warranty: Two years
10) Duty cycle: 10%, or 2 munutes continous working followed by 18 minutes not in use
Waterproof Protect Feature and Permanent Magnet Construction Linear ActuatorWaterproof Protect Feature and Permanent Magnet Construction Linear ActuatorWaterproof Protect Feature and Permanent Magnet Construction Linear Actuator

Waterproof Protect Feature and Permanent Magnet Construction Linear Actuator
Waterproof Protect Feature and Permanent Magnet Construction Linear Actuator
Waterproof Protect Feature and Permanent Magnet Construction Linear Actuator
  High quality of electric linear actuator to worldwide customers. We are professional amnufacturer in Electric Linear Actuator and Electric Linear Motor.
Electric linear actuator is widely used in Adjustable beds, Medical beds, Wheel chairs, Patient hoists, Table height adjustments, Industry mechanical  instruments, furniture, home beds, office tables, massage equipment, sporting equipments and so on and so on.
Specification of OurElectric linear actuator:
Max. Thrust: 4000N, 6000N, 8000N
Voltage:24VDC or 12VDC, Motor Drive
Standard stroke: 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 / 350 / 400 mm, special stroke areavailable according to customer' requirement.
Duty cycle:10%
Ambient temperature -26°C  to +65°C
Standard protection class:IP 43
Built-in integral limit switch, not adjustable after leaving factory
Low noise design, dB<48(A); The inspection method is in accordance with DS/EN ISO3746 while linear actuator is unloaded.
Overload protection
CE Certificated
Availability in Black, White and Gray housing
Quality Guarantee
We provide 1 year warranty for JDR Linear Actuators.
We provide spare parts free or replace a new one on condition that there is any breakdown with convincing evidence.

Maintenance service
No matter what brands of your linear actuators, no matter where your linear actuators are from, full way service and technical Support could be supplied by JDR.
JDR QC team consists of more than 10 professional people to ensure 100% products high quality.
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We highly appreciate your any enquiry by email, by fax or by Instant message.
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Full-way tracking the cargos for you before the goods arrive.
We have a wide range of Linear Actuator and Linear Motor for worldwide customer.
  Name   Linear Actuat
  Mode   FY011
  Input Voltage   12V or 24V
  Max Load Capacity   6000N(4mm/s)
  Max Speed   30mm/s(750N)
  Stroke   0~800mm
  Mini Install Dimension   stroke+175mm
  Limit Switches   Inner
  Type of Duty   10%
  Operation Temperature   -26~+65
  Noise   < 48db
  Protection Class   IP43
  Certification   CE
  Applications   Furniture, Medical bed

Pulse Deduster
The pulse precipitator is a new high efficiency pulse dust remover based on the MC-I type. It has the advantages of high purification efficiency, large gas handling capacity, stable performance, long life of filter bags, easy operation and low maintenance workload.
Product introduction
The pulse duster is a new type of high efficient pulse duster based on the Bag Filter . It combines the advantages of all kinds of pulse blowing duster in the split chamber. It overcomes the shortcomings of the low strength of the chamber and the uneven distribution of the air, and expands the application range.
The pulse Dust Collector is when the dust gas enters the dust collector from the inlet air inlet. First, it meets the inclined plate and baffle in the middle of the inlet and outlet. The air flow turns into the ash bucket. At the same time, the velocity of air flow slows down. Because of the inertia effect, the coarse particle dust in the gas is directly inflow into the ash bucket. With the effect of precollecting dust, the air flow into the ash bucket is later folded and the filter bag dust which is equipped with a metal skeleton is captured on the outer surface of the filter bag. The purified gas enters the cleaning room on the upper part of the filter bag and comes to the outlet. The dust gas is attached to the filter bag through the process of purifying the filter bag, and as the time increases. The dust on the filter bag is more and more, increasing the resistance of the filter bag, resulting in the gradual reduction of the air flow rate. It is the normal work to control the resistance in a certain range (140--170 millimeter water column). Once the range is beyond the range, the filter bag must be cleaned, and the pulse control valve is triggered in the order of pulse control to open the pulse valve and the pressure inside the air bag. The shrinkage air is sprayed into the corresponding filter bag by the Venturi Tube, and the filter bag expands rapidly at the moment, making the dust attached to the surface of the filter bag fall off, and the filter bag is restored to the initial state. The dust falls into the ash hopper and is discharged through the ash disposal system. Therefore, the dust deposited on the filter bag is periodically cleaned by impulse injection, so that the purified gas passes through normally and ensures the operation of the dust removal system.

Pulse Duster Series

Pulse Duster Series,Removable Deduster,Pulse Type Dust Collector,Pulse Deduster

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