China's LED lighting safety standards are expected to be introduced next year

The pace of popularization of LED lighting continues to accelerate, and LED lighting products are beginning to enter ordinary households. However, there is no uniform standard for LED products on the market, and users are also affected by the choice of products.
At the 2013 China International Semiconductor Lighting Application Technology Forum, some experts said that China's LED lighting safety standards are expected to be introduced next year.
According to reports, in the LED light source, since the white light emitted by most of the light sources is mixed by the blue LED chip and the yellow phosphor, the peak of the spectral energy is just in the blue light band. Related studies have shown that the harmful effects of different wavelengths of blue light on the human eye are different. The blue light between 435 nm and 440 nm is the most harmful to the eye, and the degree of damage gradually decreases with increasing or decreasing wavelength.
According to Professor Tong Tongsheng, the person in charge of the development of international standards for LED technology safety performance, the new mandatory national lighting safety standards are under development and are expected to be introduced next year. At that time, the safety performance of all lighting products will be divided into 4 levels, and labeled, to consumers, only 0 and 1 are suitable for home use.
If the LED lighting safety standard can be implemented, it can not only help users to purchase LED lighting products, but also guide the development of the LED lighting industry.

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Automatic Packing Machine

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