Foton "Love" Daimler completes commercial vehicle market layout

Foton Motor and Daimler signed a letter of intent for cooperation. The two sides agreed to set up a 50:50 joint venture company in China, Daimler will use cash as its capital contribution, and Futian will all its Auman-related medium and heavy truck business after the evaluation of the Chinese joint venture capital contribution.

Cooperation between the two parties is not limited to the medium and heavy trucks

Foton Motors and Daimler's China Heavy Truck Joint Venture Co., Ltd. will produce Futian Auman heavy truck products and Daimler license emissions and power to OM457 heavy-duty engines with Euro V and 460 hp, respectively, and Futian products in the joint venture will continue The company uses Futian Auman's own brand for distribution and is equipped with medium- and heavy-duty trucks such as Daimler's MB-OM457 engine. In addition to the Futian Auman brand, it will also be labeled "Mercedes-Benz Power."

Fukuda and Daimler conspire in the heavy truck giant

In the words of the person in charge of Foton Motor, the establishment of a joint venture company will greatly enhance its own technical level of heavy-duty trucks and its operating capabilities and ensure the sustainable development of the company in the future. It is reported that both parties will also introduce Daimler development tools to jointly develop a new cab in the R&D center of the joint venture company. In addition, in order to improve the operational efficiency of the joint venture company, Daimler will also send management experts and provide management know-how to the joint venture company to establish a world-class management team and management model for the joint venture company.

However, industry analysts believe that the current leader in the heavy truck industry is China National Heavy Duty Truck, its market share has been in the rising stage, Foton Motor's ambition is not small, through this cooperation will rely on Daimler's technology and brand advantage to try to make Europe Manner is more fuel-efficient, more reliable and safer, differentiates itself by differentiated competition and seizes regional market shares that are highly accepted by rivals such as China National Heavy Duty Truck and tries to seize market share from high school, making Auman a medium-heavy card market in China. Big Mac.

Foton Motor Hits Million Sales with "Capability Growth"

According to statistics, Futian Automobile sold 250,436 vehicles in the first six months of this year, up 18.8% year-on-year, including 38,366 heavy-duty trucks, up 18.8% year-on-year; 200,589 light trucks, up 18.0% year-on-year; and 7,943 light passengers, up 14.8% year-on-year. %; 1278 large and medium-sized passenger vehicles, an increase of 35.5%; other (SUV, Mongolia Parker) 2260 vehicles, an increase of 246.1%. From the perspective of sales structure, Foton Motor's main light truck business continued to grow steadily, ensuring stable performance; while the relatively high gross profit of medium- and heavy-duty trucks, Dazhong passengers, especially passenger vehicle business (SUV and Parker products) Rapid growth has led to a rapid increase in company performance. Especially in the first quarter, Foton Motors sold 125,000 vehicles, an increase of 28.6% over the same period of last year, which was nearly 10% higher than the industry.

Although Foton Motor's performance this year has exceeded the industry's growth rate by 18.8% year-on-year, and even reached about 50% growth in March, according to Foton Motor's long-range plan, the vehicle sales will reach 800,000-1 million in 2010. Vehicles, of which overseas market sales will account for 20% of the share. According to expert analysis, Foton Motors will increase its output from 500,000 units to 1 million units within two years. Without a new growth point, its sales performance will be greatly challenged.

Foton Motor and Daimler have joined Cummins to complete their layout in the commercial vehicle market. Once a concerted effort is made, the shock wave in the market is unimaginable. It can be seen that the significance of this cooperation benchmark is not only to make Fukuda acquire the technology as simple as that, but to allow Fukuda to win a market.

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