HTC New Material Denies Silicone Monomer Synthesis and Chloroethane Plant Infringement on Jiangxi Xinghuo

Recently, Hongda New Material issued an announcement on the case of the infringement case of Blue Star New Material Jiangxi Xinghuo Silicone Plant. According to the announcement, the company entrusted the Zhenjiang Science and Technology Bureau to organize the domestic organic silicon industry authoritative experts Fu Jiyu and Xing Songmin to carry out relevant appraisals on their organic monomer synthesis and methyl chloride production technology, and issued “Jiangsu Hongda New Materials Co., Ltd. The project experts on the synthesis of organosilicon monomer and the production process of methyl chloride plant, experts agreed that the process technology of the company's methyl chloride production plant is based on known technologies, and the synthesis technology of organosilicon monomer comes from the introduction, absorption and digestion of Russia and Ukraine. Technology, innovation in some process equipment and technologies, and independent intellectual property rights.

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