The main force of self-owned brand growth sprinted during the year

In the first half of the year, the Chinese auto market hit another record high, with production and sales reaching 5.99 million vehicles and 6.1 million vehicles respectively, an increase of 15.22% and 17.69% year-on-year. In the green market of the global auto market, there is a big sun.

“I estimate that the number of passenger cars will exceed 8 million. Since the Chinese auto market reached 1 million sales in 2002, the Chinese market has remained the market with the largest number of double-digit growth years in the world apart from the 2008 (Photo Quote Forum) year. Fiat China Chairman Meng Feiyi told CBN reporters.

Recalling the process of high sales during the first half of the year, passenger cars do play a decisive role. According to statistics from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the sales of passenger cars in the first half of the year amounted to 4.5338 million units, a year-on-year increase of 25.62% (photo quote forum). In the commercial vehicle segment, sales of 1.565 million vehicles in the first six months were even lower than those of 157 vehicles in the same period last year.

Passenger car rushes forward

In June 2009, the passenger car market continued to surge, with sales exceeding 870,000 units in the month. Since March 2009, the historical record has been refreshed every month, and sales have exceeded 800,000 units for three consecutive months since April. Compared with May, except for the cross-type passenger car (mini van), the other varieties showed a certain degree of growth.

"June was the fourth consecutive month to create the highest historical sales record. It has never been seen in Chinese history. This is a clear sign of the strong economic recovery in China." said Rao Da, Secretary-General of the National Passenger Vehicle Market Information Association. The first major feature of the auto market in the first half of the year is the launch of passenger cars.

The reason for this is that national policy factors play a vital role: fuel oil excise tax is levied on finished product oil; road maintenance fees and toll-crossing fees for secondary roads are cancelled; and purchase tax on passenger cars with a displacement of 1.6L or less is halved; Mini-buses and light trucks will be traded for new ones; rural households will purchase subsidies for the provision of prescribed vehicles, and so on.

Since December of last year, the central government has been resorting to “supporting the city” in an endless stream. In particular, the purchase tax policy has brought the car market to an unprecedented fiery situation. After the Spring Festival, major passenger car manufacturers, especially those with displacements below 1.6L, are in short supply.

“Because the factory and the dealer have ERP information systems connected, so the best thing for me is to come to the office early in the morning and see that 400 to 500 cars have been sold. This is the accumulation of the previous day. Orders; The most unpleasant thing is that dealers are urging for cars, and our production capacity can not keep up." Shanghai GM Buick Marketing Minister Shi Yong told CBN reporter.

The Buick Excelle vehicle model won the top spot in all the sedan market with sales of 116,000 units in the first half of the year.

Behind the best-selling, Shanghai GM's capacity utilization rate has reached more than 80%. "We are increasing the number of flights on the basis of the original one." said Ding Lei, general manager of Shanghai GM. In fact, not only is Shanghai General Motors so successful in setting up new highs in the first half of the year, North-South Volkswagen, Beijing Hyundai, and Dongfeng Nissan are riding a 1.6-liter Dongfeng.

Independent brand is king

In addition to the explosive popularity of passenger cars, another feature of the auto market in the first half of the year is that self-owned brands occupy the absolute mainstream of the market. The above situation is evident from the Shanghai Auto Show held in April. Regardless of the number of starting vehicles or the area of ​​booths, the independent brands have surpassed all previous exhibitions and formed a situation that rivals those of joint ventures and imported brands.

As the vast majority of self-owned brand cars are all 1.6L or less, the automaker’s car market has performed very well due to the great influence of vehicle purchase taxation. Since January, the market share of self-owned brand sedan has continuously ranked first. In the first half of the year, a total of 955,300 self-owned brand cars were sold, accounting for 29.45% of the total sales of cars, a year-on-year increase of 4.21%.

For example, in the first half of passenger cars, the sales of self-owned brands reached 2.0549 million units, accounting for 45.32% of the total sales, and their market share was the second highest. Japanese brands are more than twice as many.

Among the independent brands, Wuling, Chang'an, Chery, BYD, and Geely, both ranked in the top ranks, have set record highs. In the second half of the year, self-owned brands will continue to nibble away from the middle and high-level markets that the joint venture brand had firmly occupied.

In the second half of this year, Chery G5, G6, Geely Emgrand EC718 will be listed, both the Chery and Geely's middle and high levels have revealed to the CBN reporter, the above two models are aimed at the public business market efforts to build. It can be foreseen that the multinational auto giants have not eased themselves from the financial crisis, and domestic independent brands have begun to exert their power through the calm domestic market.

Another reason why independent brands have stepped up their domestic offensive is that their overseas markets have suffered setbacks. Since the end of last year, the export of passenger cars in China has been sluggish. In the first half of this year, only a total of 142,400 vehicles were exported, a decrease of 60.21% over the same period of the previous year. In front of such a huge decline, the companies most affected are passenger car manufacturers headed by Chery and Geely, and commercial vehicle companies represented by Yutong and Suzhou Jinlong.

Maniac variables

Commercial vehicles seem to have become the only flaw in the Chinese auto market in the first half of the year. Among them, the truck market has gradually stabilized since April, light trucks have become the main force supporting the entire market, behind which the national policies are playing a leading role; while the passenger car market is still in a state of depression, especially large passenger cars.

According to the latest statistics from the Automobile Circulation Association, in the passenger car market, there was a situation in which the volume of second-hand cars exceeded the number of new cars in the first half of the year. This is also the first segment of used car transactions that exceeds new car segments. As a production tool for passenger cars, its operations have been strongly impacted by the inclusion of railway EMUs and family cars.

In terms of exports, the decline in commercial vehicles in the first five months also reached 51%, showing the decline in exports of comprehensive passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles in the first half of this year. In terms of exports this year, domestic automobile enterprises will undoubtedly be hit hard.

“The environment is very important. The development of the Chinese automobile market cannot completely deviate from the economic situation of the entire world and it will be affected more or less. I estimate that in the second half of the year, if there is no major change in the external environment, the national car sales will Between 10 million and 11 million vehicles,” said a car executive to CBN.

Although the entire auto market achieved sales of more than 6 million vehicles in the first half of the year, all aspects of the auto market are not optimistic. Ding Lei believes that in the second half of the year, it will be very difficult to achieve a record high in the first half of each month, and there will be a downward trend.

Rao Da also believes that due to the recent sharp increase in oil prices in the country, and the pulling effect of the policy has gradually become dull, "the second half of the uncertainties affect the automotive market is still a lot, it is estimated that this year's sales peak has passed."

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