Electronic skin allows you to operate objects

The newly developed electronic skin allows the wearer to operate virtual objects without touching them, such as typing on a keyboard, or adjusting the dimmer by moving the wrist.
Standard VR devices need to be able to see an object to track motion. This usually involves the camera, which is good for detecting large movements, but the resolution is usually too low to handle finer details like finger movements. Now scientists have built a basically thin film of electronic skin with a sensor that interacts with the magnet. It does not need to be in sight (because it uses a magnet) and does not require much energy. It is soft and flexible and can be used on medical devices such as artificial limbs or soft robots one day.

By wearing electronic skin on the hand, the sensor works by interacting with a nearby magnet. According to your hand's angle, it can produce various levels of voltage. The researchers developed a set of software to control what happens at each angle of the sensor. In this way, the user wearing the skin can turn on or off the virtual light source and type a symbol on the keyboard.
This technology is not intended to replace the current VR, but to add more details.

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