In order to change the AVIC Lithium Battery, it won the "2018 Power Battery Promotion Award"

On January 18, 2018, the 3rd "Discover Trust - China Truck Users Survey and Selection" sponsored by China Truck Network held the award ceremony in Beijing. CNAC Lithium Power successfully won the "2018 Power Battery Promotion Award" award through the recommendation of the Trusted Organizing Committee.
CNAC Lithium CNAC Lithium Battery Receives 2018 Annual Power Battery Promotion Award

At the beginning of the new year, it is recalled that in 2017, both the market demand and the consensus-driven commercial vehicle market in China are inseparable from the new energy word. According to Beijing Environmental Sanitation Group, it is reported that by 2018, Beijing will eliminate all fuel sanitation trucks , and all sanitation trucks will be replaced with zero-emission electric vehicles, and this news may actually open the prelude to electrified electric vehicles.

Under the background of such a market, the name of CNAC Li-ion battery shines even more. Founded in 2009, CNAC Lithium has undergone the national “Ten Thousands” promotion project in the development and growth of nearly ten years; it has applied for more than 400 patents; the company has “National Enterprise Technology Center”, “Academician Workstation”, and “Postdoctoral Innovation Platforms such as Scientific Research Workstations; the establishment of the “Xiamen University-China Aviation Industry Power and Storage Battery R&D Center”; and the establishment of cooperative R&D relationships with 12 universities and research institutes at home and abroad; and the accurate layout of the international and domestic markets. It has established multi-level cooperation with Yutong, Dongfeng, Beiqi Foton, FAW and Turkey DMA Group.

Ten years of stability and stability, scores have been achieved for ten years, and the strength of China National Aviation Lithium Power under the auspices of state-owned enterprises has proved its worth.

As we all know, the current power battery market has many requirements for products and is quite sophisticated. It needs to be efficient, stable, and needs to have features such as quick charging and light weight. Combined with the current trend of changes in the logistics market, CNAC Lithium Power Products can fully meet the market demand for power batteries.

It is understood that Lithium Ion has been selected as the main development direction of Lithium Iron Phosphate since its inception, considering that the PO bonds in LiFePO4 crystals are stable and difficult to decompose, and even when heated or overcharged, they will not act like cobalt. Lithium-alkali-like structure collapses and generates heat or forms strong oxidizing substances and has good safety. Product R&D within the safety high voltage line can fundamentally ensure the stability of the product, thereby adding a safety measure to the products of its partner companies.

For the current logistics market, the power battery is mainly used in the status quo of light trucks. The charging speed, capacity and weight of the battery are the most concerned factors. According to industry sources, lithium iron phosphate power battery can be quickly charged and discharged with large current. Under a dedicated charger, the battery can be charged within 40 minutes of charging, ensuring fast charging and achieving efficient transportation; and the battery starting current can reach 2C. The vehicle started to provide more power; in addition, the lithium-ion battery capacity of CNAC Lithium-Ion battery is large, which provides a longer cruising range for logistics and transportation; in terms of quality, the volume of lithium iron phosphate battery of the same specification capacity is lead-acid. With 2/3 of the battery's volume, the weight is only 1/3 of the lead-acid battery, and the whole vehicle can achieve a higher single-transport load.

CNAC Lithium CNAC Lithium

Just a month ago, CNAC Lithium had demonstrated the excellent performance of its products to the market in the form of project demonstrations. The scene in which the AVIC lithium battery was immersed in the tank to power the boat and the small fish roamed in the water fully demonstrated its excellent performance and reliable quality, and it immediately gained great feedback from the market.

With the background of state-owned enterprises and continuous scientific research, CNAC Lithium Battery has an absolute height in the field of power batteries; experiments have proved that the data speaks, and CNAC Lithium Battery uses the product development market. At present, the capacity of Lithium-ion battery packs of CNAC Lithium Battery covers 20Ah to 200Ah. It has extraordinary performance in electric vehicles, rail transit, military applications, and power storage.

The China Truck Network and the Discovery Trust Group also believe that with the continuous development of the new energy automobile market and the continuous expansion of the vehicle power battery market, CNAC Lithium will once again hand over its own perfect answer sheet for the power battery market. Content is also bound to be worth you and I look forward to!


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