How many degrees of electricity does the 2018 battery car need to charge at a time?

After the battery of the electric vehicle is used for a period of time, the battery capacity will decrease. So, how can we make the battery of the electric car use a little longer? Let’s take a look at the small series to introduce how much electricity is needed to charge the battery car once? How to repair the battery of the battery? Let's get to know it!

How many kilowatts does it take to charge a battery car?

The battery with a constant voltage car battery of 36 volts, the capacity of 12 ampere-hour battery power 36 volt * 12 An = 432 W, battery car motor power is 180 watts, 240 watts, 350 watts and the like; charging such as at 6 hours per hour Charging current 2 amps, charging capacity 36 volts per hour * 2 amps * 1 hour = 72 watt hours = 0.072 kWh = 0.07 kWh, 6 hours sharing 0.07 degrees * 6 = 0.42 kWh, such as the loss of the charger 20 % , need to use 0.6 degrees for a charge . Because the charging current is different, the charging time is different, but the total charging power is about 0.6 degrees!

What are the battery car battery repair methods?

1. Unbalance:

Repair method: Find the battery with the capacity, voltage, self-discharge, battery internal resistance and so on.

2, water loss: repair method: open the cover plate above the battery. Some battery covers are ABS glued, and some are snap-fit ​​connections. Some are skateboarding. Be careful not to damage the cover when opening the cover. At this time, you can see the rubber caps of the six exhaust valves. Open the rubber cap to expose the vent hole, and the inside of the battery can be seen through the vent hole. Some battery exhaust valve bases can be unscrewed, and the exhaust valve base can be unscrewed without opening the rubber exhaust valve. Some batteries have some filler around the rubber cap. Open the cover and light it with your hand to see if there is any dryness inside the hole, that is, if the battery loses water. The plates of the battery are wrapped in white fiberglass cotton and should be wet under normal conditions. The distilled water is sucked into the battery through a vent hole. The water-filled battery is covered with a gas-permeable covering to cover the vent hole to prevent dust from falling into the vent hole. It is best to use medically distilled water. The principle of hydration is to keep more. Not enough can be added, the more the acid weight is reduced, the battery capacity will be insufficient. Inexperienced people can master 5mL per well. It is best to look at the plus, wet, sparkling, watery. The wetness is just right, the sparkling crystals are much more, and the water is too much.

Special note: The hydration tool uses straws such as glass and plastic. Medical disposable syringes are recommended for ease of use and ease of metering. The hydrating tool cannot use any metal-containing appliance. The syringe should be pulled out of the metal needle and used after a plastic tube.

3. Sulfation:

Repair method: The vulcanized battery is repaired with the Kedi repair instrument, and the fuzzy digital control theory is adopted. By measuring the state of the battery, the positive and negative variable frequency particles are continuously emitted while charging and discharging, and the battery is removed in 10 to 20 hours. Hard lead sulfate that crystallizes.

4, the plate softening:

Repair method: After discharging the battery to 10.5V, the battery is deeply discharged for 1-5 hours. Then use an activator to activate the repair.

5, short circuit:

Repair method: water battery, can punch holes clearly, make short-circuited lead powder! Electric car battery, you can quickly short-circuit the positive and negative, burn the short-circuited place!

6, open the road:

Repair method: 100A detects the battery voltage 0V as an open circuit. Using a single measurement method, the open circuit is measured and soldered. Use a multimeter to measure where the battery is open!

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