The hoisting of the 1600-ton gantry crane in Jiangnan Shipbuilding was successfully completed.

On November 24, 2015, the main beam of the 1600-ton Longmen crane of Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Changxing Shipbuilding Base was in place, marking the completion of the overall hoisting of the gantry crane. The completion of the node was completed on March 18, 2016. solid foundation.

It is reported that the 1600-ton gantry crane is the largest gantry crane with the highest lifting capacity and the highest lifting height in China. In the three-piece assembly scheme used for the overall hoisting, the 170-meter main beam adopts 5,000-ton floating crane eccentric center hoisting, main beam and rigid legs. The centering accuracy must be controlled within 2 mm. The high requirements and the difficulty are called "dance on the tip of the knife". In response to the “1600-ton gantry crane assembly plan”, the Construction Engineering Department has organized experts on hoisting, lifting, and shipping of large equipment for discussion and review. In response to the problems found in the review, Zhenhua Heavy Industry was required to be implemented item by item before the overall lifting to ensure that the final assembly process was foolproof.

In addition to affecting the production of Jiangnan Shipbuilding No. 4 dock during the overall hoisting of the 1600-ton gantry crane, it also affected the production of No. 3 dock of Shanghai Jiangnan Changxing Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., in order to ensure the smooth completion of the 1600-ton gantry crane assembly as scheduled, under the leadership of Jiangnan Shipbuilding. The construction engineering department closely follows the construction progress and quality of the main beam, rigid flexible legs, upper and lower trolleys, etc., and internally coordinates the final assembly window time with the company's leadership and production management department, and finally determines that on November 15th 4 Before the dock was built, the 1600-ton gantry crane traveling mechanism was hoisted. From November 17 to 25, depending on the weather conditions, the rigid legs, flexible legs and main beams were hoisted in turn. After all aspects of work were in place, the rigid legs were hoisted in place on November 21, the flexible legs were hoisted in place on November 23, the main beam was hoisted in place on November 24, and the 1600-ton gantry crane created a four-day history of overall hoisting.

It is understood that the 1600-ton gantry crane was started on June 8, 2015. After the final assembly is completed, the next four months will also complete the electrical wiring, commissioning, commissioning, type test, forensics, etc. Most of the subsequent work needs to be completed at a height of 95 meters or more, and the difficulty factor is greatly increased. The construction engineering department will continue to strictly control the quality and progress in the follow-up work, and strive to ensure delivery on March 18, 2016.

The hoisting of the 1600-ton gantry crane in Jiangnan Shipbuilding was successfully completed.

Medical Oxygen Generator

Medical Oxygen Generator are normally installed in hospitals and clinics, especially for remote areas where cylinder oxygen is difficult to buy.

Medical oxygen generator has similar structure with Industrial Oxygen Generator, just at the end pipelines, there are bacteria remover and odd smell remover. Oxygen generator uses Air Compressor to get raw material, the compressed air. The compressed air is treated by air treatment part, which has oil remover, filters and dryer. After treatment, clean air goes to oxygen separator. In this part, the oxygen in the air is separated and collected from top of machine, then goes into a buffer tank to make flow rate stable. At the end of buffer tank, there is flow rate meter and analyzer,etc to adjust flow rate and test oxygen purity.

Details process is as below:

Psa Oxygen Generator Process Flow

Medical Oxygen Generator Specification:

Flow rate: 1-200 Nm3/hr

Purity: 90-95%

Outlet pressure: 5-10 bars

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