Pest remote real-time monitoring system "monitors" pests "every move"

The occurrence of insect pests is a group activity. Individual insect pests do not pose a great threat to crops. However, many pests have strong reproductive capacity, and sporadic pests may eventually evolve into mass events. Therefore, in the prevention and control of agricultural pests, the investigation and monitoring of insect pests is an effective prerequisite for preventing the occurrence of large areas of pests and achieving green control. The application of the remote real-time monitoring system of pests to "monitor" pests "move every move" can greatly promote the initiative of the plant protection information system, enhance the level of prevention and control of modern agricultural pests, and provide guarantees for the modernization of agriculture.

Pest remote real-time monitoring system

To carry out targeted pest control and prevention, it is necessary to take every action of the pests. Traditional monitoring methods have great limitations in terms of accuracy and real-time monitoring. Accurate prevention and control of pests. Now, with the development of science and technology, the emergence of information systems equipment such as remote real-time monitoring systems for pests has given agriculture plant protection a new look.

The remote real-time monitoring system of pests is characterized by automation, intelligence, and networking. The system can not only automate the monitoring of insect pests, but also enables the monitoring personnel to obtain monitoring information remotely, as well as the time, degree, and amount of occurrence of pests. As well as the combination of information inquiries, according to the current agricultural and forestry conditions and meteorological information, the pest occurrence period, amount, extent, location, and scope of occurrence are predicted, which greatly improves the efficiency of plant protection work and the accuracy and prevention and control of pest control. .

In the modern plant protection work, in order to achieve drug reduction and control, to increase the efficiency of the project, to achieve green plant protection, pest control work has always been centered on the results of pest monitoring. The application of remote real-time monitoring systems for pests to “monitor” pests “together with one action” to help people do a good job of monitoring and early warning and formulate emergency response plans is a new direction for early warning and monitoring of modern agro-forestry pests. It helps people achieve their goals early and realizes Agricultural modernization is of great significance.

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